Star Trek Color Palette (as Homage)

OK, so maybe some of the characters are hard to understand, and my puppeteering needs a little work... but Damn -  How 'bout those colors!  I can't really take credit for the colors though, from an early age I absorbed the original series of Star Trek into my color sense (and love for science fiction).  For me, nothing evokes that sci-fi feel faster than the beautiful Technicolor palette from Star Trek.  

I grabbed a couple of images to illustrate and compare pallets after the fact.  I wasn't using specific references for color at the time, but this is the feel I was shooting for.   enjoy-

PS.   If you buy into all that Skargoz conspiracy stuff, then I am the guy who saw a coded message from space, was driven insane, and have created a PG-13 version of what I saw utilizing puppets and duct tape in my basement...  If that isn't nuts enough, I also supposedly am being used as some sort of mind control minion by the real entity of Lord Skargoz, in his grass roots propaganda for Earthlings.  I assure you nothing could be farther from the truth*.