...I still don't see it...

Earthworms.  You have so many inadequate labels for the same BLERT - FORBIZ FLANKTON!!!  BER-FLERG!  BER-FLER-GER!!!  

BLORT.  Translator... BLERGLON FLOHC!  overly sensitive FLORT! today .

OK, here it is.  And Thanks again to Steve B- for writing.  How you made it through my infomercial with a conscious-brainstem is distressing.  Thank you for self identifying, that will be a huge time saver.

Anywho, this is the part, and I quote, 



Sara says they're twins, but I don't see any resemblance: similarity, likeness, similitude, correspondence, congruity, congruence, coincidence, conformity, agreement, equivalence, comparability, parallelism, uniformity, sameness.

End quote.  Sara is obviously a liar!   She has proved herself unworthy to discuss parallelism, or for that matter conformity!  

Copyright Mattel. Inc.

Copyright Mattel. Inc.

And what kind of madness is this Skeletor??  My keen senses warn of deception! Insofar as, this obviously advanced being would have made a flesh-sweater out of his opponent long ago!

Be that as it may, Sara can keep the "similitude" on this one Mr. B.   

See you soon.