First up is a quick sample reel I put together of some of my Canon 5DII and III work. 


Of note: I didn't use much, if any, second-camera footage here although a few of these productions did have two shooters.  Represented are pieces that I both shot and edited. I have also contributed to some degree: lighting, storyboarding, costume design/creation, directing, motion graphics, animation, character voices, puppeteering, scriptwriting, and music, and sound. In videos that I produce using existing music, I tend to edit and remix for pace and emphasis.

The original music for the sample reel was inspired by Dick Dale.  The classic surf sound is harder to pull off than it looks! Lesson learned. 

• • •


Below is an alternate edit of a video shot for Fred Meyer.


Remote control toys and Nerf guns!  Lots of ruckus movement and homemade grindhouse film effects add interest to this non-voiceover cut.  Our goal was to create a cost effective & fun video for the web.

My role:  camera 1 of 2, steadycam, editor, and music for this version.  Shot with Canon 5DIII and edited in FCP.  Music was recorded in ProTools as a 120 bpm scratch track for editing but ended up liking it enough to keep. 

• • •


Below is All 35 seconds of the test, with remixed "Lose Yourself"  Written and produced by Eminem.


This video is a proof-of-concept test.  Originally shot as the 'behind the scenes' footage for a photoshoot, there was enough compelling material for this commercial size piece.


• • •


28 seconds of Stalagmite Productions logo fun!  Sound adds a lot to the experience.  My role was soul producer of this content, graphic design, music, internal video clips, both shot and edited.