Here's a collection of shots from around PDX.  I thought it would be nice to organize some of my previous video work into an on-location collection.  Shot with Canon 5D 3, 4, and C100 II.  Music by New Order, "Ceremony".  


• • •


Below is an alternate edit of a video shot for Fred Meyer.


Remote control toys and Nerf guns!  Lots of ruckus movement and homemade grindhouse film effects add interest to this non-voiceover cut.  Our goal was to create a cost effective & fun video for the web.

My role:  camera 1 of 2, steadycam, editor, and music for this version.  Shot with Canon 5DIII and edited in FCP.  Music was recorded in ProTools as a 120 bpm scratch track for editing but ended up liking it enough to keep. 

• • •


Below is All 35 seconds of the test, with remixed "Lose Yourself"  Written and produced by Eminem.


This video is a proof-of-concept test.  Originally shot as the 'behind the scenes' footage for a photoshoot, there was enough compelling material for this commercial size piece.


• • •


28 seconds of Stalagmite Productions logo fun!  Sound adds a lot to the experience.  My role was soul producer of this content, graphic design, music, internal video clips, both shot and edited.